Jason Stein & Sonnenzimmer, Free Jazz Bitmaps Graphic Notations

Sneak Peek

by Nick Butcher | Apr. 4, 2012

What you see here is the 4th score we are producing for our LP release and art exhibit (5 total), May 4 at saki. We’ve been writing about this event and exhibit a lot this past week. This here is a collaboration with improvisor, Jason Stein. He is a bass clarinetist in Chicago. Sometimes in the conceptual ideation for prints, those ideas get in the way of the actual piece. It’s like book art, trying to be more than the content. It can be an inherent conflicting subject that is hard to avoid. David Hockney, a favorite here at Sonnenzimmer, said, you should judge an artist on what they do, and not what they talk about. This entire project has been organic in it’s expansion. Which is a great feeling that the improvised ideas that are so open do nurture that very growth. First it started with lathe-cut limited editions from Nick’s electronic tracks, then those tracks went to improvisors to record a one-take. This was collected on the LP Free Jazz Bitmaps Vol. 1. It’s been amazing to work with Chicago grown improvisors. We hope, their work and legacy will spread throughout a younger generation and also reconnect with an older audience. Their ideas and models have been influential for us at Sonnenzimmer. If this all means nothing, take John Cage’s book Silence – Lectures and Writings from MIT, hold it close and let it simmer, don’t judge and it’ll open many new ideas. Have a great Friday!