Eyeworks 2013

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Eyeworks – Festival of Experimental Animation 2013

By: Nick & Nadine Date: 2013 Edition: 150 Colors: 5-color screen print
Price: $40.00

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2013 marks our 1, 2, 3, 4th year creating the poster for our favorite Chicago festival, Eyeworks Festival of Experimental Animation. Working in collaboration with organizers Alexander Stewart and Lilli Carré, each year we set out to create an animated poster suitable for festival’s distinct mission.  This year’s poster takes on a decidedly more simple approach in debt to the rudimentary, yet no less amazing, early computer animation featured prominently in the program. Our six-frame bitmapped animation stretches the length of the poster, juxtaposed with a hazy seascape photograph and surrealist sunset. Expect to see this slender piece all around the city leading up the event and take note of it’s after dark effects. The elusive 5th color is a glow in the dark!


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