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Home Room Chicago

By: Nick & Nadine Date: 2010 Size: 19 x 25" Edition: 160 Colors: 3-color screen print
Price: $30.00

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Homeroom is a great Chicago-based organization that programs a ton of cool stuff throughout the city. Everything from lectures, film screenings, to concerts, all with a heavy community building slant. Having just come out of the huge abstraction workout that was, Insound 10 for 10, Nadine and I were dying to do something more figurative with a reduced color pallet. Homeroom’s programming gets tons of people together and takes them on a journey, this was our jumping off point. Utilizing 3 strong colors, an all American typeface (Engraves) and a story book inspired illustration (with a twist), we were looking to find the perfect mixture of history, fantasy, and now.

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