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Like Pioneers

By: Nick & Nadine Date: 2011 Size: 18 x 24" Edition: 85 Colors: 2-color screen print
Price: $40.00

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It’s no secret that we like all sorts of drawing styles. Hell, it’s why we got into art and design in the first place. The fun part of art is that no medium is in competition with each other. Anyhow, when Like Pioneers approached us for this poster job, they told us to have fun with it. Inspired by their album, Piece Meal and our hero Yuichi Yokoyama, we set out to ask the question—what would a road trip look like with this music and his fantastic world. We were very excited to discover the adventures of Headcheese, Robo Caveman (notice the Tarzan skirt and strawberry fist) and Drawers.

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