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Objects of Affection

By: Nick & Nadine Date: 2009 Size: 19 x 25" Edition: 150 (not numbered) Colors: 8-color screen print
Price: $40.00

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We love making music posters, but its always nice to work out side of that realm. This was our first opportunity to make a poster for an art show. Objects of Affection is a three person show featuring painters Anthony Adcock, Barbara Krol, and Jeff Stevenson all members of the Chicago Artist Coalition, who sponsored the show. Each of their work includes realistically painted elements generally focused on one object (hence the title of the show). How do you advertise an art show you are not in with your own art? Our answer, nature! We started this poster off with a photocopy of a crinkly greenish-brown leaf, using its shape to prime the paper for the following colors. From there we used textures and painted elements to fill in the small sections of the leaf, creating a patchwork of color and and shape.

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