Audio / Visual


Our time-based works explore the grey area between image and object through the material of time. 


Beautifulish - #FAD6A5

Digital Video, 2021, 04:14

Beautifulish is an electro-acoustic duo.  Katherine Young (bassoon and electronics) & Sam Scranton (percussion and electronics) craft a jittery yet patient sound-world that rides the line between the acoustic and electronic, between improvisation and composition, inhabiting even the dustiest corners of this ephemeral space where all sounds commingle equidistant with intent. This rare sense of aural shape-making was just asking for a graphic counterpart. We created a music video for their song #FAD6A5 off their recently released self-titled full length on Shinkoyo.


How to Begin

Digital Video, 2020, 03:52

How to Begin is an experimental instructional video that aims to give physical form to your inner images. In the process, it unveils the unique nature of the graphic impulse. But, more so, it's a personal rumination on how we might actually start enacting change. How to Begin was commissioned by the Cleve Carney Art Museum.



After Image

Digital Animation, 2020, 03:56

​After Image is a short animation and image poem exploring inner image, isolation, and self-reflection. Created during the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, the work aims to tap into the emotional reverberance of the now common activity, the daily walk. "After Image" was commissioned by The Quarantine Times for their weekly column "Life Before", which is curated by Jerimiah Chiu (Some All None).



I'm the Only Stranger That I Know

Digital Animation, 2014, 03:40

​I'm the Only Stranger That I Know is an animated short from 2014 and is a companion piece to the book of the same title. The animation and book both explore image-making as identity construction through the lens of exploratory digital form-finding, obsessive iteration, and the finality of rendering.

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Dubbing Stills 

Performance Audio, Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, 2015

Dubbing Stills was envisioned as a series of performative images that coupled our exploratory graphic practice with improvised music and live projection. Created in real time, line, timbre, and action merged to form an ephemeral viewing and listening experience. This one-time performance was a step into completely new terrain for us—a place where 2-D and 3-D expression were tangled up into an inseparable knot. This is an audio recording from the performance.