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Audio / Visual

This is a sample of our audio/visual works. They explore the gray area between image and object through the material of time. 

Beautifulish - #FAD6A5
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Beautifulish - #FAD6A5

Digital Video, 2021, 04:14

Beautifulish is an electro-acoustic duo.  Katherine Young, bassoon and electronics, & Sam Scranton, percussion and electronics, craft a jittery yet patient sound-world that rides the line between the acoustic and electronic, between improvisation and composition, inhabiting even the dustiest corners of this ephemeral space where all sounds commingle equidistant with intent. This rare sense of aural shape-making was just asking for a graphic counterpart. We created a music video for their song #FAD6A5 off their recently released self-titled full-length on Shinkoyo.