Welcome to Sonnenzimmer!
If you found yourself here, then you must love art! Thank you very much for that. Art always needs ambassadors, explorers, and participants. It’s an 800 Billion dollar industry for our country, yet it’s only worth an investment of $0.47 per capita from our government. Many small print shops and art studios like ours, that do cultural production via print making, have always sat between the grant-making revenue,  philanthropy, and the old DIY marketplace. The work you witness on this site exists because nobody was going to take the colors out of us. No accounting could hold us back from what we wanted to share with the world. Our output has been supported by diverse interests which we are so grateful for (individuals, schools, companies, artists...). We wouldn’t stand here today without the countless folks who have hired us, bought something, or recommended us for a gig. We’ve been self-employed artists since 2006. We don’t have any employees, but we do survive on the income we can generate here. It’s tight for everyone right now. Like so many of our artist friends, we have lived on the edge to make things happen. But now that the world has moved to the edge, it’s pushing many artists over the edge. So, we ask ourselves where do we go from here? Sometimes, just a next step is enough. So, if you don’t spend anything here, no worries. But please have artists in your heart, carry them for a bit. And if you think you can’t move over, believe us, there is always space to move over. Take care, and thank you for stopping by. We hope you enjoy all of our flat dreams! :)

We are open.