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Gaussian Blur

Experimental Sound Studio, Audible Gallery, Chicago, IL, June 23 – August 20, 2017

Gaussian Blur was an experiment in emotion, material, image, and sound that seeks to harness the crosstalk of graphic abstraction and kinetic motion. For the exhibition, we repurposed industrial plastic bags as a series of wall-mounted sculptures filled with water. Over the course of the exhibition, when activated (the bags are punctured), the dripping containers create abstract sound events, as the water descends onto the printed matter below. Amplified through the gallery space, the dripping emojis were accompanied by live instrumental improvisation over the course of three performances. The slowly dissolving imagery below becomes a metaphor for the distance and simulation and content. The cyclical meta nature of the exhibition is neither political or apolitical. Instead it represents the most powerful of all leanings, the grey mush of unformulated thought. Completely open to interpretation, yet existing in a closed ecology. The exhibition “catalog” was series of new musical compositions released on a cassette tape.

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