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Support in Times of a Pandemic!


Some ideas that you probably already thought of,
but we still want to state it:

If you are still getting paid, but are working from home, and are saving on dog walking, commuting, or other things, consider still paying those people that usually do your services, consider a donation, or help the individuals directly. A small gesture can go a long way!

If you are not getting paid or you are on paid furlough, and are at home, reach out to some of these platforms and ask if there is some kind of hardship discount they can extend to you, to get in on educational learning, to beef up your skills for when it turns around. Be creative with your ask! Many industries have not been creative enough in showing their solidarity, your ask can spark big public help.

If you are an artist and suffering from this outage of income, understand that your value is not from creating product or just entertaining people, but from being a resource to the world at large. Take stock of what you have not shared up to now. Your poetry is invaluable. Remember, you are the source. We are with you as well! Access creativity and your charisma and pain and joy....

If you are still working and are very overworked and need some cheering up, reach out to the people around you. To be obligated to each other is always an honor and privilege. Be ready to be surprised by the warm of your people!

If you are in bed and can’t do anything, take your mind on a walk, enjoy this time of thought, visualize fun things, visualize your own revolution, use this space for you, reject bad thoughts, actively tell them to come back a different time or never at all!

If you think this is all hay bail, remember compression is a radical space to access for more space, just saying, and it’s okay to laugh at us, your welcome.

If you would like to support us, we have a supporter page.



[ Group Show ]


What a Relief​
Levee Contemporary

Princeton, WI

Opening Reception May 23


[ Solo Exhibit ] November 2020


Per Diem

@ Zeitgeist, Nashville

More news to come!

Current Exhibit

Return to the Everywhere


at Weinberg / Newton Gallery

March 31 – Apr 4, 2020

Return to the Everywhere looks to various modes of communication, storytelling, and listening in an attempt to grasp the implications of this so-called post-truth era in which we now find ourselves. Both of the moment and half-forgotten impressions of such notions as fact vs fiction, objectivity, bias, and belief ricochet off each other as this collection of works creates space to consider the implications of truth’s tenuity for interpersonal connection at large.


Presented in collaboration with WBEZ Chicago, Chicago’s NPR news station, and featuring work by Gwyneth Zeleny Anderson, Jesse McLean, Sayward Schoonmaker, Sonnenzimmer, and Sadie Woods.


(closed until March 31)

688 N Milwaukee Avenue
Chicago, IL 60642

Tuesday – Saturday 10 AM – 5 PM

Mondays open by appointment only

The gallery is free and open to the public.

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