Return to the Everywhere
Jan 24 – Apr 4, 2020


Opening Reception: Jan 24, 5 – 8PM

at Weinberg / Newton Gallery


Return to the Everywhere looks to various modes of communication, storytelling, and listening in an attempt to grasp the implications of this so-called post-truth era in which we now find ourselves. Both of the moment and half-forgotten impressions of such notions as fact vs fiction, objectivity, bias, and belief ricochet off each other as this collection of works creates space to consider the implications of truth’s tenuity for interpersonal connection at large.


Presented in collaboration with WBEZ Chicago, Chicago’s NPR news station, and featuring work by Gwyneth Zeleny Anderson, Jesse McLean, Sayward Schoonmaker, Sonnenzimmer, and Sadie Woods.


688 N Milwaukee Avenue
Chicago, IL 60642

Tuesday – Saturday 10 AM – 5 PM

Mondays open by appointment only

The gallery is free and open to the public.


[ Solo Exhibit > A Race in Space ]

February 26 – 29 | Opening reception, 26 @ 7 p.m.



@sic! Elephant House, 

Lucerne, Switzerland


Inchworm features modular screen printed works and sculptures by Sonnenzimmer, setting an acoustic shapeform to a room to find itself infant.



Chicago Duo, Sonnenzimmer, präsentiert Inchworm at sic!, Lucerne. Inchworm zeigt modulare Siebdruckarbeiten und Skulpturen. Diese Arbeiten leihen dem Raum ein akustisches Formbild, nur um sich am Anfang des Sehens zu finden.

[ Performance > A Race in Space ]
February 26 | 4pm


Serves Light Make Sound

(Ronny Hunger & Sonnenzimmer)


@sic! Elephant House, 

Lucerne, Switzerland


[ Solo Exhibit ]
November 2020


Per Diem

@ Zeitgeist, Nashville