"Close your eyes, imagine that you are an apple. If I tell you your foot is the stem, do you feel upside down?" This multi-color print is the first physical interaction between our recent performative lectures and our print work. Apple Clasp aims to illustrate a key passage from our lecture given at the University of Northern Iowa two days prior to the creation of the print. Our second edition produced during our visit to the University, this print not only takes cues form our own multi-sensory explorations, but also the laser-fueled print techniques developed by Aaron Wilson and Tim Dooley's long standing collaboration. Merging laser-cut in-layed MDF blocks and hand-brayered oil-based ink, we produced the major part of this color-rich print in just two passes through the press. We added an additional screen print layer (the red line work) to complete the work. While the work is quite conventional in its form language, the path from text, to vector, to laser, was nothing but. We think this idiosyncratic trajectory shines through in the final edition.

Apple Clasp

  • Specs

    By: Nick Butcher & Nadine Nakanishi

    Date: 2019

    Media: 5-color relief, 1-color screen print 
    Size: 22 x 29 inches
Edition: 20, signed and numbered

    Collections: University of Northern Iowa