Image Netsuke 1
  • The Image Netsuke series continues our on-going exploration of abstraction and peripheral composition, this time merging screen-printed works on paper, painting, and collage with digital from finding on printed polystyrene. For us, this brash mix of mediums feels timely, as we aim to make sense of the substrates of our time and the fragmented graphic skin we're all currently inhabiting. What do painting and credit cards have in common? Is anything really flat? Stretching our graphic impulse across the natural and man-made, we mix chance composition and focused experimentation on an intimate scale in hopes of discovery. These ready to hang works each ship with a collaged panel, two Netsuke, and clear hooks for hanging.


    The title of the series derives from a traditional garment accessories that were common in Japan beginning in the 17th century. Netsuke, a compound meaning "root" and "to attach", are small sculptures used to attach pouches or boxes (sagemono) to kimonos. Starting as utilitarian items, these sculptures became more stylized over time and developed into revered craft.

    Image Netsuke 1

    • Specs

      By: Nick Butcher & Nadine Nakanishi
      Date: 2018
      Media: Collaged and painted screen prints cold-mounted to panel, inkjet on polystyrene,
      clear hooks (sourced)
      Size: 9 x 12 inches