• The Sun Never Sets is our first collaborative album adventure. Music has been center to our development as artists, moreover as humans, and it's nice to know we share that home with many. However, we never really strummed out to music together. Somehow it was too precious to mess up, too holy for us to fiddle around in. Those timid days are gone. The Sun Never Sets pulls— from three sessions of at-home improvisation—and mixes them with electronic structural debris and corrupt space-time. The result is a side-long contiguous journey. The one-sided LP is on clear vinyl and has screen printing on the blank back side. The glossy sleeve is enough to reflect the distant future. 

    The Sun Never Sets is side-long slippery affair that mixes improvisation, airy guitar chimes, and sun-shaped mantras going in and out of phase. Its both the soundtrack to our simulated reality and the sound of us scratching our way out of it. The music has been compared to "a time-lapse film" which we like a lot. The one-sided LP compliments our very large public artwork currently on view at Division and Ashland here in Chicago that we made in collaboration with Intelligentsia Coffee.


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    The Sun Never Sets LP

    • Specs

      By: Nick Butcher & Nadine Nakanishi
Date: 2017
Media: clear vinyl, offset-printed jacket, 1-color screen printed dust jacket, 1-color screen printed on vinyl

      Edition: 100

      Catalog Number: SZ020