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Three Sides of a Line

Three Sides of a Line

Three Sides of a Line by Kiley Brandt and Sonnenzimmer initially took shape as an experimental virtual performance specially formatted for Zoom, the ubiquitous interface adopted by millions during the pandemic for remote work, socializing, and virtual events. 


The performance explored the Holographic Principle, a contemporary theory in theoretical physics, hypothesizing that our three-dimensional world has a two-dimensional representation on the horizon of the universe. The publication documents the performance and extrapolates on our collective findings with essays by Kiley and ourselves. 

The project came about from an invitation to Sonnenzimmer from Florida State University’s Art Department to participate in their FAR & Away virtual residency program. FAR (the Facility for Artists Research) seeks to pair visiting artists with FSU faculty to engage in a collaboration and public lecture. Working with artist, Kiley Brandt (FSU Adjunct Faculty and FAR Operations Manager), we engaged in a series of discussions with Professor Jeremiah Murphy, a physicists at Florida State University to explore the nature of the Holographic Principle, black holes, dimensions, and other celestial events. These encounters became the base material for the performance, which utilized a collaboratively written script in three acts. The one-timer performance  explored some of the potential ramifications of the Holographic Principle here on earth by investigating its relationship to human-made two-dimensional images through word and image. The publication extends this collective gesture to a static format. 

  • Specs

    By: Kiley Brandt & Sonnenzimmer 
    Essays: Kiley Brandt, Nick Butcher & Nadine Nakanishi
    Editor: Mairead Case
    Design: Sonnenzimmer 
    Illustration and images: Kiley Brandt, Nick Butcher, and Nadine Nakanishi 
    Date: 2022
    Edition: 100
    Page count: 44
    Size: 6 x 9 inches
    Catalog number: SZ042

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