T>E>A>M: To Enable All Movement is an equity initiative developed to foster BIPOC+ voices in creative work for institutions such as museums, foundations, etc. The initiative was launched in June of 2020. 

How it Works

When commissioned by an institution for service-based design work, we demand that the "ground crew", the overall team (Design + Client), consists of BIPOC+ members. If the overall team (Design + Client) does not already include BIPOC+ identifying individuals, we augment the design team to include an artists/designers of color as equal collaborators (no hidden credits), and split the payment equally per person. In addition, the projects are ran in full transparency for all parties involved. To honor the client's support of this initiative, we take on the administrative work to help facilitate this collaboration. We are currently engaging in this initiative for projects over $5,000.

Why $5,000

The added administrative work needed to facilitate this collaboration is time consuming. Reserving this initiative to institutional commissions over $5,000 allows us to sustain our operations at a sustainable level. For information about our initiative for institutional commissions under $5,000 please see Ideas Beyond Formats

Why it Works

As long time practitioners in the field, we recognize that the design industry, the design sector, and design itself can be a direct pipeline to a society that furthers suffering. By making room for diverse voices in our field, we are bound to discover new vernaculars to equitably represent the future. 

Constructive criticism is valued and always welcome. Thank you for caring. 


We will be adapting and tweaking as things unfold and as things need to be amended.