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SONNENZIMMER is the collaborative practice of artists Nick Butcher and Nadine Nakanishi. Our work investigates and CHALLENGES the preconceived notions of the graphic arts. Our experimental studio was established in 2006 in Chicago. Together, we explore the PHYSICAL and PSYCHO-PHYSICAL nature of VISUALIZATION through image-making, sculpture, writing, publishing, exhibitions, design, music, and performance. While we move through an array of media, our focus is on triangulating a deeper understanding of graphic expression at large.  

Nick and Nadine mixing colors in Sonnenzimmer's studio.

Nick and Nadine, mixing colors in the studio.

[ ID: A fish-eye aerial perspective of Sonnenzimmer's studio, in view, is a screen printing hand-press on which a small screen is set up, to the side is an automatic screen printing press. On the walls are squeegees and flood bars, and a poster. A bald man in paint-covered overalls has his back to the camera and is holding a paint container. A woman, with dark hair in a ponytail, wearing a bright baseball cap, is looking down, face not visible. She is dipping a paintbrush into a container. Both are surrounding a rolling cart filled with various paint colors. ]

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