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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the name Sonnenzimmer come from?

Sonnen is german for sun.

Zimmer is german for room.

Sonnenzimmer means sunrooom.

Nadine grew up speaking Swiss German. Nick liked how the word sounded. Nadine liked that you can translate these two basic words into any language, even a drawing.


How to refer to us?

We identify as artists.

We are ante-disciplinary, people before disciplines.

We are a collaborative artist duo, called Sonnenzimmer.

Please refer to us, in an artistic setting, as Sonnenzimmer.

Please remember we are individual artists, and also individual humans.

Nick goes by he, his him.

Nadine goes by she, her, hers, but prefers Nadine.

In doubt, it’s like this: Sonnenzimmer, Nick Butcher & Nadine Nakanishi


Do you do interviews?

Yes, for journalistic outlets. Please outline purpose, and circulation numbers.


Can I come by your studio?

We do only educational group visits, on request.
But currently, that's on hold, due to Covid.


Do you print t-shirts?



What are our rates?

Most projects start at min. $1500.00. Don't let this hinder you from reaching out to us.

Do you take on commissions for original artwork?

Why yes we do! :)

Are you hiring?


Do you take interns?


Can I make purchases without using Paypal?

Yes, email us for instructions!


Do you have questions about accessibility?

Please email us, so we can figure it out together.

For people who want to work with us, please ask yourself these questions before contacting us:

- What does creativity mean to you?

- Will you use us as surrogates for your vision, or let us be ourselves?

- What does experimentation mean to you?

- Are you willing to challenge yourself in the outcome?

- What are you doing for BLM?
- Check out our past work.

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