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Serve Light Make Sound

sic! Raum für Kunst, Lucerne, Switzerland, February 29, 2020

Serve Light Make Sound is our ongoing audio/visual collaboration with Zürich-based graphic designer and musician, Ronny Hunger. The group merges improvisation and sculpture as a means of time-based collective shape finding. In February of 2020, we had the opportunity to perform at A Race in Space: Festival for Improvised Music and Fine Art in Lucerne, Switzerland. The performance coincided with our solo show Inchworm, and marked the closing of the exhibition. Centered around a make-shift hour glass made of wood, plastic, and salt, we used the visualization of passing time as a living drawing to inhabit with sound. Each performer took turns leading the group through a series of short improvisations mixing pre-recorded field recordings and real time sound generation and adaptation.  (Photos: Philip Frowein)

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