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Free Jazz Bitmaps Vol. 2 LP

Free Jazz Bitmaps Vol. 2 LP

Free Jazz Bitmaps is a process-based publication series exploring the nuances of collaboration, genre, and iteration. Vol. 1 featured six tracks by Nick Butcher built from micro-samples of house and jazz records found in Chicago. These recordings were paired with solo reinterpretations by six Chicago improvisers—Jason Adasiewicz, Tim Daisy, Keefe Jackson, Mike Reed, Jason Roebke, and Jason Stein. The result was a track by track experimental deconstruction of Butcher’s original music and a comparative evaluation of what remains. Vol. 2 continues this trajectory. The solo improvisations performed by Keefe Jackson – Tenor Saxophone, Jason Roebke – Double Bass, Tim Daisy – Marimba, and Jason Stein – Bass Clarinet for Vol. 1 are used as source material for the production of new music by Mike Bingaman, Nick Butcher, David Castillo, and Andy C. Jenkins. This project is co-published by Sonnenzimmer and Hometapes.


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  • Specs

    By: Sonnenzimmer & Hometapes

    Contributors: David Castillo, Andy C. Jenkins, Nick Butcher, Mike Bingaman

    Date: 2014

    Media: 3-color screen printed chipboard sleeve, black vinyl
Edition: 250

    Catalog number: SZ07, HT073

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