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m0ire Issue 2: Format
  • m0ire Issue 2: Format

    Format is the topic for the second issue of m0ire. While, the word is identical in both German and English, our German and English contributions couldn’t be more varied. Other Forms (Jack Henrie Fisher, Jonathan Krohn, Alan Smart) tackle this subject matter head on, exploring the open spaces created by standardization and poetically investigating ways in which they can and have been utilized. Stefan Huber takes a more historical and concise tone, dedicating his article to the work of mathematician and computer scientist Donald Ervin Knuth, whose tireless efforts in typographic digitization, helped establish the current access and usability of digital typefaces.

    • Specs

      Publisher: Sonnenzimmer & Signalwerk
      Authors: Other Forms, Stefan Huber
      Editing: Lauren Weinberg [English], Waterloo, Canada
      Translation assistance: Matthias Suchert, London
      Date: 2013

      Media: 2-color screen printed

      Pages: 8 page interior, 1 fold-out poster
      Size: 9 x 12 inch magazine, 24 x 36 inch poster
      Languages: English, German
Edition: 200 print (printed in Chicag), 999 digital (programed in Zürich), downloads via

      Catalog number: SZ010

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