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Per Diem: Graphics in Time by Sonnenzimmer, 2nd Edition
  • Per Diem: Graphics in Time by Sonnenzimmer, 2nd Edition

    Per Diem: Graphics in Time by Sonnenzimmer  comprehensively documents our commissioned and self-driven work from ca. 2005–2019. In doing so, it is a book on contemporary graphic studio culture and practice, where art and design meet. This anthology of work paints a picture of how a studio practice encompassing both commercial and artistic pursuits looks amidst a changing media and cultural landscape, providing a window into a contemporary application of graphic expression through documentation. Moreover, the book continues our trajectory of reassessing  the role of graphic arts and riding its elastic edge. We hope by visualizing this space, new realities for the working artist can be envisioned. Per Diem is a reference book of 16 years from-the-ground-up graphic expression through the pursuit of manual labor and the core resilience of two dreamers. By putting all our work together in this publication, we say: “Look, this is what we can gain from not separating art and design!” Over 1,000 pages, we attempt to show everything we made from logo design, to type specimens, to quilts, to paintings, to record covers, to gallery shows, objects, sculptures, and much more! 

    • Specs

      Published by: Sonnenzimmer
      Authors: Nick Butcher & Nadine Nakanishi
      Design: Ronny Hunger
      Editor: Lauren Weinberg 
      Photography: Nathan Keay
      Date: 2020
      Media: Perfect bound, 4-color digital printing, 1,000 pages
      Size: 5.25 x 8.5 inches

      Edition: 150
      Catalog number: SZ037

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