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Swan in the Distance

Swan in the Distance

This Matrix Collage was made by Sonnenzimmer at our Chicago studio. The print may have small/slight imperfections, all remnants of the multitude of times each sheet has passed through the printing press. Better said, they have a lot of love. Matrix Collage is a term we use to describe a single sheet of paper sent through the press before printing starts in order to make sure everything is printing properly. Over time, the print accumulates layers and layers of art, resulting in colorful patchwork of random images and colors, creating new compositions as a result.

  • Specs

    By: Nick Butcher & Nadine Nakanishi

    Date: 2021
    Media: Screen-printed monoprint
    Size: 20 x 26 inches

  • Terms of Purchase

    All sales are final; by purchasing this Matrix Collage you agree to the terms of purchase; no derivative works may be made from any Matrix Collages purchased from Sonnenzimmer; unauthorized use, copying, reproduction, modification, republishing, uploading, downloading, copying, transmitting, posting, distributing, duplicating, or any other misuse of any content of a Matrix Collage is prohibited; As the buyer of a Matrix Collage, you agree to NOT use the content for any unlawful purpose and not violate Sonnenzimmer’s rights in and to the content; Matrix Collages are for private use only, not for resale or commercial purposes.

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