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The Small Years: Screen Printed Posters by Sonnenzimmer
  • The Small Years: Screen Printed Posters by Sonnenzimmer

    Screen printed posters have been central to our practice as graphic artists since opening our doors in 2006. The medium was the catalyst for our collaboration. We developed our collective voice through the creation of hundreds of posters over the years, some for acts on the national stage, but many for DIY initiatives across Chicago’s eclectic cultural landscape. Though many of these works were small in scale (and geographical reach), they have proven to be pivotal to our developing story. Much of these works have laid dormant since their original pressing, overshadowed by our more lofty projects. The Small Years hopes to re-introduce these works. The collection covers a lot of ground, from grindcore to free jazz, to forgotten venues and a historic presidential election. It also happens to include our very first collaboration, an improvised poster for one of Nick’s early improvised musical performances. Containing 17 posters (the 16 pictured + one suprise poster) at an affordable price, this collection is a great entry point to our print work. 

    • Specs

      By: Nick Butcher & Nadine Nakanishi
Date: 2006-2015

      Size: folder: 14 x 20 inches, posters: 13 x 19 inches and smaller
      Edition: 10, signed and numbered
      Catalog number: SZ031

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