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Window Licked

Window Licked

While visiting Hamden, CT in the summer of 2021 in preparation for our exhibiiton Carrier Shell: Images on/in/of/and the Built Environment, we also worked with Alexander Valentine of Sparkle Taffy to publish a new print, Window Licked. Printed by hand over the course of several days in his newly opened studio and project space, Window Licked took cues from our immediate environment. The work aims to visualize distance and complicate perspective in this diffused graphic encounter. Is the frog jumping or falling? Do seagulls have belly buttons? Would blue stop signs be effective? Floating in a sea of amniotic halftones, these questions and more await your calculated introspection. 

  • Specs

    By: Nick Butcher and Nadine Nakanishi
    Date: 2021
    Media: 12-color screen print
    Size: 28.75 x 20.75 inches
    Edition: 30, signed and numbered
    Publishers: Sparkle Taffy and Sonnenzimmer

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