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Virginia Tech, School of Architecture & Design, Armory Gallery, Blacksburg, VA, April 6 – 8, 2017

Why so much tension? Eventually the surface breaks and things that may have once floated sink. But who or what is responsible? Gravity, mass, makeup, or shape? In Byobuoy, we explore what make images sink or swim. Shapes and color float between the 2nd and 3rd dimension (is this space a kind of liquid?) and what remains on the surface is what remains. In the Spring of 2017, we had the pleasure of traveling to Blacksburg, VA through an invitation from Virginia Tech’s School of Architecture and Design. Our short trip encompassed a workshop, lecture, and a short exhibition at the school’s Armory Gallery. A true holdover from an era of hands-on form finding, the school offers architecture and design students access to an array of media throughout their studies. Surrounded by looms, ceramics, printmaking studios, and one of the most eccentric collections of object design we’ve ever come across, students are encouraged to work with as many forms as possible in the development of their architectural and design practice. Our workshop consisted of leading a small group of students through the development and implementation of an improvised screen print. Challenged by an open-ended navigation of image and technique, the group worked directly with us to sculpt a print that was included in our exhibition of sculpture and works on paper.

Available Works:

Poster: Byobuoy

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