Ideas Beyond Formats


The application is closed for 2021!

Ideas Beyond Formats is a paid publishing program and equity initiative geared towards supporting and amplifying the voice of BIPOC+ identifying artists age 21+. Through the program, we will aid in developing, publishing, and promoting a significant work by the artist (to be defined by the artist). The program includes a $2,000 honorarium and a $2,000 production budget, both to be managed by the artist. We plan on supporting one artist per year and plan to kick off the program in 2021.  

100% of your donation supports this initiative

If you are interested in underwriting this program, please contact us. 


The Application 

The application for the project will be free and open to any BIPOC+ identifying person age 21+. We will be working with outside advisors to develop the application and administer the selection process. The advisors will be compensated monetarily. Sign up to our mailing list below to receive updates on this and other Sonnenzimmer activities.

The Details

The program will take place over four months (to be determined with the artist). Nadine and Nick will aid in the conceptual development and logistic support of the project from start to finish, as well as promoting the project through Sonnenzimmer’s available channel.

Our Channels

  • 2,500+ email subscribers / average of 1,000 opens

  • 7,900+ Instagram followers

  • 500+ unique visitors to our website each month

Funding this Program

  • On the currency side, this program will be funded by setting aside 10% of our sales and a percentage from our commissioned projects (please see T>E>A>M, Picas). Why only 10%? This amount will allow us to maintain our current workload and keep the program sustainable.

  • On the emotional labor side, we will be contributing 40 hours of advising, 40–50 hours of administrative work. This equates to an additional $3000.00 in ratio to our income. We will also be accepting donations toward the program. More information to come.


Our taxable income hovers around $36,000 each. Our budget for this project is $7,000, which is roughly 10% of our taxable income. 


We need to raise $7,000 to initiate this project. This will cover the artist's honorarium ($2000), artist's production budget ($2000), application advisor ($500), and two application reviewers ($500 each), leaving a $500 buffer. We began setting aside money for this program in July of 2020 and so far have raised $5,755.90 (April 30, 2021). We will be updating these numbers regularly. 


Constructive criticism is valued and always welcome. Thank you for caring. 


We will be adapting and tweaking as things unfold and as things need to be amended.

2021  Application Advisors/Reviewers