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Greige Fabrik

Vebikus Kunsthalle Schaffhausen, Switzerland, August 20 – September 25, 2016, Curated by Leo Bettina Roost

With Greige Fabrik, we slowed down our goal-oriented, commission-based, graphic practice to explore the potential of the unfinished. We weren't aiming for the unresolved. Instead, we hoped that this series of open-ended works would create a tangible clarity through their execution and exhibition—like a well prepared road trip with everything but the map. The resulting works—a series of large-scale screen prints, landscape-inspired canvas boards atop printed linen, video, and two scuptures—unfolded in front of us, pulling from our past experiments, but incorporating figurative elements that were previously alien to our primarily abstract works. Surprisingly, despite the approach, Greige Fabrik is our most singular exhibit to date. Together, Greige, a term used to describe untreated/undyed fabric, and Fabrik the German word for factory, form a sort of poetic Dada nonsense, but also a quiet manifesto—the production of the unfinished, as a means to a complete thought. The resulting works pit the modern body against a shapeshifting reality—folded time, connective tissue, and our place in, on, and between the world. The exhibition was curated by Leo Bettina Roost, and also included an installation, performance, and book by Serve Light Make Sound, our on going collaboration with Zürich based graphic artist, Ronny Hunger, all entitled The Ideal Location is Nowhere.

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