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Image Structure

Public Works, Chicago, IL, April 12–June 7, 2013

With this exhibition we offically broke rank from the flat planes that had defined and dictated much of of previous work, moving from static two-dimensional imagery to a more malleable format. This work delved into the tradition of textiles, merging hand-woven and screen-printed fabric into a series of quilts. Rather than a simple reproduction of imagery onto a new surface, our aim was to explore the tactile and sculptural qualities made possible by this medium. Working closely with Club Club (Cyril Marsollier-Desir and Wallo Villacorta), the recipients of the 2012 Chicago Architectural Prize, the exhibition investigates the nature of two-dimensional images under the influence of three-dimensional form. Each quilt interacts with a unique structural display, both magnifying and dismantling the function and graphic nature of the individual quilts. Paired with recent abstract paintings exploring landscape, these works act as a pendulum of functionality and abstract thinking.

Available Works:




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