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Gelbes Haus, Lucerne, Switzerland, July 4, 2019, Curated by Sabina Oehninger

Our second micro-exhibit at Lucerne’s Gelbes Haus, Mallow explored distance, resolution, texture, and color across a series of multimedia works. Surface tensions between natural forms and applied graphics aimed to collapse the familiar and abstract, sparking image retrieval from object to resonance. Curve-casted sculptures, collaged and quilted painting, a tablet-based chromatic sound installation, and mono prints created a discreet “Bildwelt” in this temporary hillside exhibition space. For the second time in two years, we've used this micro-exhibit format (one night only) at the Gelbes Haus to experiment in real time with new form finding. We’re thankful for Sabina and the Gelbes Haus community for supporting these efforts.

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