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Gelbes Haus, Lucerne, Switzerland, July 26, 2018, Curated by Sabina Oehninger

Since 2011, we've been working with Lucerne-based improviser Christoph Erb on a series of CD releases for his Veto/Exchange label. Each sleeve, designed and printed in small quantities here in Chicago are then shipped to Switzerland for distribution. Chicago and Lucerne are sister cities and though many stark differences separate the two cities, there are plenty of similarities too. For one, both cities are home to strong communities in art and music. We were able to experience this first hand on a recent visit. Orchestrated by Christoph Erb and facilitated by Sabina Oehninger (a fellow Veto collaborator), we had the opportunity to show our work at a charming and bustling artist co-op space on a beautiful hillside in Lucerne called Gelbes Haus (Yellow House). The house is not only yellow, its also a keystone to Lucerne’s thriving art and music community. Check out initiatives like Kraut that transform the city streets and overlooked locations into places of activation featuring installations and performances by local artists. On July 26, we took over Gelbes Haus’ project room for the night with an exhibition called Puddles. The show showcased 12 casted records of original music embedded with fragments of found LPs. (Yes, they play and they sound very weird). Each record was housed in a a mono-printed gatefold sleeve. The 12” sleeves, when shown together, formed a large landscape. Viewers were encouraged to spin the different records on the provided turntable. Those who chose to purchase a record for home use, could pick out a sleeve of their choice. We continue to produce "Puddles" LPs in small batches.

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