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Shape Song

Hatch Show Print, Haley Gallery, Nashville, TN, June 02 – June 29, 2018

In the summer of 2018, we had the absolute honor to exhibit our work in one of America’s most iconic print shops, Hatch Show Print. Situated in Nashville, Tennessee’s Country Music Hall of Fame, Hatch continues to churn out custom letter press posters for musicians big and small furthering their legacy as a preeminent ambassador of Americana. Fittingly, for our exhibit, Shape Song, we explored the conceptual and physical thread connecting music and graphics. With this body of work, we make the claim that music and graphics derive from the same source—surfaces. All graphics are bound to a surface whether it’s paper, a screen, or even projected light. Sound, though often associated with invisible waves flying through the air, is bound to surfaces too. If music can be described as the organization of sounds, does it follow that music is also the organization of surfaces? Experimenting with an array of graphic languages (line, shape, texture) screen printed on malleable plastics. We purposefully warp 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional space and imagine the sound it might make. This work is paired with an exploratory publication also titled Shape Song that further examines the topic through exercises in metaphor and logic. To round out the exhibit, we presented two additional series of screen prints Vector Sculptures (2015) and Sides (2016)

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