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🌸 Flower Tongue 🌸


Nick arranging Flower Tongue prints at the studio in preparation for Flower Hour.

[ ID: A photograph of the Flower Hour installation in studio environment. A person, Nick, is facing a wall of Flower Tongue prints. The prints are arranged in a grid on a white wall, and feature anthropomorphic flowers with abstracted faces painted onto them in bright green and pink paint. To the side is a sun-lit industrial window above a radiator. The image also features an inset time lapse video from the Flower Tongue installation at at WNDR Museum. showing three wall-mounted robots painting onto works on paper. The robots appear like CNC-router machines. The outer most robots are painted faces onto flowers and the central robot is painting text. Time lapse by AppleButter Animated. The image also includes an inset abstract gif using imagery from the edition. ]

Flower Tongue is an edition of robot-aided print works. They were produced onsite at the WNDR Museum, Chicago in 2021. The project was sparked by an invitation from our frequent collaborators AppleButter Animated for their Away From Keyboard Artist Residency where they invited artists to utilize their robotic painting machines. The results blew us away!

Flower Tongue print works. Photos by Nathan Keay.

[ ID: Photo documentation of the Flower Tongue print edition in a web store format. The works feature abstracted faces painted onto anthropomorphic flowers and poetic text with heavy paint accumulation.]

* Each Flower Tongue work has unique characteristics such as textural paint accumulation and slight wear from the interactions with the robots. That's what makes them special! 
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