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A Glimpse and a Glance on the Ice Rink.

A Glimpse and a Glance on the Ice Rink.

A Glimpse and a Glance on the Ice Rink commemorates the simultaneous exhibitions, Café Avatar by Sonnenzimmer and Cacti and Semaphore by Anthony B. Creeden at grayDUCK gallery in Austin, TX in 2018. The publication features essays on the artists by Julia V. Hendrickson and Jessi DiTillio as well as an interview between the artists. Printed on re-purposed door hangers interspersed with removable image plates, the publication hopes to cross polinate the works of Creeden and Sonnenzimmer through experiments in form and pointed discussion. This publication was supported by grayDUCK gallery and published by Sonnenzimmer.

  • Specs

    Contributors: Nick Butcher, Anthony B. Creeden,  Jessi DiTllio, Julia V. Hendricksen, and Nadine Nakanishi

    Date: 2017

    Media: 2-color screen-printed text, 4 offset-printed plates 

    Size: 11 x 17 inches, folds to 4.25 x 11 inches

    Edition: 200
    Exhibit History: grayDUCK gallery, Austin
    Catalog number: SZ030

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