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Big Band

Big Band

This graphic was initially created for Musikschule Stadt Luzern's Big Band.  Luzern is famous for its rude swans that swim in the lake and bother unsuspecting tourists. This swan and saxo-swan are nice, they just sit calmly on the Big Band's band stands. We liked them so much we've made a limited edition print run.


$10 from the sale of each print is pass along to Girls Rock! Chicago. Let's make a really BIG BAND!


[ ID: a photograph of a screen print on bright yellow paper. "Big Band" is printed at the top. Under the text is a line drawing of a swan. A drawing of a saxophone that mimics the shape of the swan is overlapping it, creating a semi-abstract conversation between the two images. ]

  • Specs

    By: Nick Butcher and Nadine Nakanishi
    Date: 2022
    Media: 1-color screen print
    Size: 18 x 24 inches
    Edition: 35, signed and numbered

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