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Pelegrine Legume

Pelegrine Legume

Developed with our pals AppleButter Animated for a collaborative exhibition in 2019, Pelegrine Legume is an experimental take on the printed edition. Simultaneously a D.I.Y. kit and ready-to-hang art, the edition comes with 5 screen printed sheets of Tyvek with original collaborative imagery by Sonnenzimmer & AppleButter Animated. The package also includes instructions on how to cut and sew the sheets into a wearable “rain cape” with the zipper and draw strings included! Assembly required.


  • Specs

    By: AppleButter Animated & Sonnenzimmer
    Date: 2019
    Media: 5 three-color screens print on Tyvek, zipper, draw strings, instructions, plastic tube, rubber end caps
    Size: 24 x 36 (Tyvek sheets)
    Edition: 25
    Exhibition history: Public Works Gallery, Chicago, IL

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