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rhybadi - saccadic
  • rhybadi - saccadic

    Nick Butcher's rhybadi project takes time-warped home recordings from his youth in rural Tennessee and adds new vocal and instrumental overdubs. The result is an earthy communion with past selves and an attempt to reconcile the present. Curiously shaped song fragments pulled from a dusty hard drive and 4-track cassettes merge amateur hardcore, breakbeats, and acoustic passages. Along the way, naive musical limitations morph into minimalist composure as Nick weaves stories and textures into a braided exploration of identity. The physical release reflects the homespun ethos of the music. The cassettes were self-dubbed and hand-printed. Riding the line between album and art object, the release features two cassettes, one filled with songs and the other filled with concrete.

    • Specs

      By: Nick Butcher 
      Date: 2020
      Media: Double cassette; screen printed shells; concrete, plastic case; laser print, screen print, and photocopied cover
      Size: 4 x 6 inches
      Edition: 40
      Catalog Number: SZ039

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