• The Impossibility of Language of Construction is an artist book produced for inclusion in the 2015 exhibition Simultaneous: Seripop + Sonnenzimmer at Columbia College Chicago’s Center for Book and Paper Arts. Produced collaboratively with the Center’s April Sheridan, Heather Buechler, and Amy Leners, the book is an amalgamation of print process and inventive binding. The book features an experimental “script” featuring characters Sound, English, Dilemma, and Framework who dive into a metaphorical dialogue about the rumbling of passing trucks and plateaus. Set in our own typeface, Sonnenzimmer Manuscript (developed specifically for this exhibit), the project aims to acknowledge our history within the graphic arts, while diving into a new realm all together, language.

    The Impossibility of Language of Construction

    • Specs

      By: Nick Butcher & Nadine Nakanishi
Date: 2015

      Media:2-color letterpress interior printed at the Center for Book and Paper Arts by April Sheridan, Heather Buechler, Amy Leners; 2-color dye transfer spine printed at the School at the Art Institute; 1-color screen-printed cover at Sonnenzimmer

      Size: 5 x 7 inches

      Edition: 50, signed and numbered

      Catalog number: SZ015
      Exhibition history: Center for Book and Paper Arts, Columbia College Chicago, IL