New Work

by Nadine Nakanishi | Oct. 10, 2014

d.2014.SebastianFoster.pattern The gigposter community is special. It’s international. It’s ground-up. It’s pro. It’s amateur. It’s alive. And most of all, it’s supportive. We have made numerous connections over this creative outlet over the years, and we are always proud to be associated with it and live it. People who embrace gigposters have been equally open. We appreciate it, it’s something that always feels fresh. We met Lad (former Poster Cabaret) some years back before he expanded into Sebastian Foster. He purchased quite a lot of prints from us, but he also actively commissioned new work. Over the years, he expanded his art business beyond gigposters, creating a network of art distribution that is radical in itself. We worked with Lad, founder of Sebastian Foster, on it’s new identity. Check out Sebastian Foster to discover and purchase art.