In the works

by Nadine Nakanishi | May. 5, 2015

In the past, our work load would slow down between the months of November – February. We noticed that client’s budgets would be spent in the 3rd quarter, and any commissions for the holiday activities would have to honor that fact—for better and for worse. Over the years, we channeled that anxiety of being project-less by fully immersing into tinker-time. The ideas and images we created in that vacuum would flow back into projects during the course of the year. That “lull” ended up being crucial in order to get through high volume and high pacing scenarios. Flash forward some years, the down time has shifted towards summer. An ideal situation for an art studio, as the autumn is the important season for the arts. We are going to be winding down activities over the next two months, to concentrate on our show at Texas State, and the release of Nick’s record. We also need to regroup and figure out how we want our collaborative work to feel and speak. Our big push is to use the redesign of our new website as a vehicle to figure that out. We hope to keep you interested, it’s always a challenge for ourselves, so we don’t blame people getting bored. I guess the quest is the suspension.

To the left: Some dying tests on cotton canvas.