Sneak Peek: Veto Exchange 10

by Nadine Nakanishi | Jul. 7, 2014

We are so honored again to work with Veto Records on the newest album The Urge, feautring the trio, Christoph Erb, Tomeka Reid, and Keefe Jackson. Many jobs keep us afloat; yet the work from artists, keep us dreaming. Christoph is one of them. The artists he collaborates with as well. He is really paying it forward in terms of creating his own international exchange. We are quite lucky to be witnessing this in real time, it’s one for the ages. We get to hear this music while working — and if you ever get lazy, if you ever get comfortable, pick up one of these records, go to one of these concerts. You will wake up in the morning with a fresh palette to see the world around you. This ain’t a paid product placement blurb, this is 100% felt — and these peeps make us want to be cats on a hot tin roof.