New Work/In the Works

by Nick Butcher | Apr. 4, 2015

Our contribution to Northwestern University’s (CS)2 Symposium on Cell Signaling were just wrapped up. These 7-color screen printed posters will be mailed out to microbiologists around the country! Dr Eric Weiss, the symposium organizer, runs a lab at Northwestern “focusing on how protein kinase signaling pathways coordinate cytoskeleton organization, membrane traffic, and gene expression to define cell architecture” or in other words, how cells communicate with one another. Instead of accurate renderings of the processes involved in these miniscule molecules, we chose to a different path, bananas on phones, thanks to the open mindedness of our rocking client. The future of science is having an active vision for the emotional and visual management of projects. Eric is doing just that. Of course it’s great to get a job, it’s better to feel this kind of innovation going on, even in science. Things are moving, and that is a good feeling.

Nick is psyched to be diving into album artwork for the Manchester’s Working for a Nuclear Free City for their upcoming Melodic Music release, What Do People Do All Day?. It’s an impactful feeling when you get to work with British music industry. Actually getting commissioned by a label? Actually having a band pick out the graphic artist? We don’t write this to brag, we write this, so we can remember to keep dreaming, y’all!