2015 – To new perspectives

by Nadine Nakanishi | Dec. 12, 2014

Growing up between different cultures never felt like an advantage. Retorts such as “That’s not how we do it here”, “Well, we’re in America.”, “Ami go home.”, “You don’t understand, you are not from here.”… were things blasting at me ever turn of the way, no matter what side of the Ocean I was living on. Knowing some languages, just meant that I never was good at anyone. But what this did enable me was to wear a “traveling suit”. I could arrive in Zürich, slip into my Swiss slippers, and just evaporate in thin air. All the baggage of the other place would disappear, until of course it caught up with you. As borders are growing smaller in people’s mind, and mobility is increasing (even if it’s mere virtual), more and more people are sharing this common experience. No matter if you move 700 miles North, or 600 miles South-West, or you are commuting from the suburbs to the city, you know what I am talking about. And so, the advantage of this inherent displacement, for me at least, is the ability to shift perspectives; and as such, I get to look forward to changing landscapes and views.

We wish you happy Holidays and a golden 2015.

Catch us at:
• Dec. 19, Zürich, at Grafikklang- Jan. 26 – 28, Ohio State, Athens
• Feb 12, Opening reception for Simultaneous: Seripop & Sonnenzimmer
Feb 14, Didactics by Sonnenzimmer, book release at Sector 2337, 2337 N Milwaukee, Chicago
• Feb 22, Honolulu Printmakers 2015 Annual Exhibition, Juror Talk at Honolulu Museum of Art School