Frequently Asked Questions

How does the art process go?

  1. What is your name, what do you do? Why are you contacting us today? Can you tell us a little more about the project?
    a) Is this a design and print job?
    b) Just a design job?
    c) We don’t do any reproduction printing, unless it’s for Ferdinand Hodler’s estate.
    d) Just need art? Please specify art usage.
  2. What is your deadline?
    This is very important for us to know. Press time gets booked up fast, so we need to reserve time for your project well in advance. In some cases we do charge rush fees.
  3. If this is a print job, please tell us the amount of printed matter you need.
    We assume you have clarified any copy right issues regarding the artwork we will be printing.
    The client will be responsible for any legal fees resulting from unauthorized usage of artwork.
  4. How many colors are you anticipating for your project?
  5. Will you be providing films for printing?
  6. Will you be providing paper?
  7. Will you be delivering print-ready files (including trapping, separations)?
  8. We ask for a 50% down payment and full payment on completion, what do you say?
  9. How do you want your project delivered?

After you’ve answered these questions and we’ve agreed on the terms and conditions of the job, we can start talking about our process. Typically, if you have gravitated to our work, it’s because of our visual language. Our imagery is developed in a unique environment in collaboration with inspiring, like-minded clients. If you’d like, you can point out some of our previous work to help give us an idea on what you are envisioning for your project. Depending on what you like, the approval process will vary. We specialize in an improvised fine-art/design approach. That means nailing down an atmosphere and creating a visual space for the idea to push through. We pride ourselves in our individual clientele that come back again and again and reassure us of our path (our thanks goes out to them)! Be honest and fair with us in your expectation! If you are asking us to produce imagery that is outside of what you see on our website, then it’s probably a bad idea to ask us to do it. Take time to brief yourself on our style. We strongly believe the amount of research you put into your project for hiring someone for your vision will reflect in the final solution you are seeking. That means, hire someone who you believe can do the job and then also trust your decision. If you think we are the right fit for you, then come on over and let’s get this going!

Do you do interviews?
We are taking a break from those as our answers are getting boring. In the mean time, we leave you with these here. For all students, that includes questions for any assignments or projects.

Do you do any studio visits?
Not for the general public or students. However, we do bi-annually studio events at the studio. If you would like to be informed about those happenings, sign up to our newsletter, the Sonnengram, to keep in touch. For curators, or art buyers, we do make exceptions. But fyi, good studio visit etikette, if you go to any print studio, be sure to support it by purchasing something.

Do you print t-shirts?

Are you hiring?
We wish! Doing hours and hours in front of the press and in the office is not that creative. While we’d love to have help and hire an awesome spirit to be around, we honestly are busy keeping afloat.

Do you take interns?
Only graduate students majoring in arts administration.

Do you teach screen printing?
Sometimes we do one-on-one teaching, but early early pre-scheduling is necessary and it’ll cost you. There are better more affordable places in the city to learn screen printing at. Check out: Screwball Academy, Spudnik Press, Anchor Graphics, Lill’ Street, Chicago Printmaker’s Collaborative.

Please don’t…
suggest that we should work for free or that free work would be great for our portfolio.

What are our rates?
Our rates vary from print job to print job, schedule, and design demand. But if you are looking for a 10 cent piece price per printed matter, screen printing is not the way to go. In fact, our piece price is ALOT higher.

For poster jobs , we have a starting rate of ca. $1500.00. This is art, design, and printing. We negotiate the quantities in relation to the project and organization. But this allows us to have enough time for design and printing, with the attempt of making a timeless piece of artwork.

What are our commission rates for paintings?
Typically, our art commissions run 15–20% higher then are usual prices. It also depends on how booked we are and the dimensions of the expected art work. If you are interested in commissioning us or either one of us, we will sort this out through correspondence. A binding commitment is then made by contract and through down payment for both parties.

Product Information & Shipping Terms & Purchase Agreement

Our posters and prints are commissioned and are all designed and screen printed in-house by us, either on our Cincinnati one-arm hand press or on our American Tempo. We print limited quantities of each design, leaving us only 25 – 50 copies to sell. So, if we list editions of 125, we will only have a handful in our flat files. Once an edition is sold out, we never reprint them. Because each print is handled many times during the printing process, there are some slight variations in the prints. This may include specks of ink and small dings. We like to think of it as the inherent charm of the process. Our studio is micro-small, we don’t rely on any free labor but hard 60 – 72 hour work weeks. You keeping this simple for us, is actually a constructive way to support small studio practice and culture. We can’t thank you enough for understanding that your shopping is personal and has real effect.

Your Representation & Warranty
As a user of website, and by placing orders for merchandise offered on website, you are representing and warranting that you are over 18 years of age and that all information that you provide to us is true, accurate and complete.

Purchase Agreement / Ownership
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In other words, don’t create derivative works, ask before you drag, drop, copy and paste! We know you are cool.

Terms & Conditions
If you have any questions about a purchase, contact us ahead of time through our contact form. Special inquiries after purchase, cannot be considered.

Security & Privacy
We use Paypal for our transaction methods. By accepting to make a transaction using this technology, you understand the risks of data transmission that this incorporates. We will not be held responsible for any breach that happens during this transaction. We don’t pass on your information to any third parties.

Pricing & Payments
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 Customers, who by mistake, place double orders will be reimbursed, but any transaction fees that occur through their error, shall be the customer’s responsibility to cover in full.

Orders are shipped on the 1st and 15th of every month (except when they fall on weekends or holidays). If you order on 1st, your order will be processed the following day. Domestic orders are shipped through the USPS, either with first class or priority mail with confirmation number. International orders are shipped USPS International Parcel Post, first class parcel. All charges and responsibilities related to Customs/VAT are the sole responsibility of the customer (we can’t post it as a “gift”, so don’t ask us). Shipping is non-refundable and paid for by the customer. By default all shipments are uninsured. We do not assume liability for loss. If you require any special shipping or have special shipping instructions, please contact us, this however will be of additional charge. We are not responsible for delays in delivery.

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