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Uhu Mau Graphic

SONNENZIMMER is the collaborative and collective practice of artists Nick Butcher and Nadine Nakanishi
Our work in the graphic arts takes on an interstitial approach, working jointly to create new translational understandings that move beyond a discipline-specific practice. 
Together, we explore the physical and mental effects of visualization through image-making, sculpture, writing, publishing, exhibitions, design, music, improvisation, and performance. 
In our catalog raisonée, Per Diem: Graphics in Time, we showcase graphic experiments across 1,000 pages. With the lived knowledge of screen printing over 70,000 graphic works (and counting) in our studio by hand, we've learned something deep about graphic art.

Graphic Arts Future, our term for the fusion of all human-induced media, sits beyond our systemized reception and rendered intention. Focusing on this unique phenomenon, we aim to foster an experimental practice and encourage formats that evoke meta-physical curiosity, by ways of embracing the Graphic Impulse.
The Graphic Impulse can be felt, discovered, observed, and challenged at the edge of where our senses blur together, where outer images make our inner images fluster. In these moments, we believe we can stake claim in looking at our mark making through a larger collective lens, feeling out the implications for the human village that we consistently need new signage for. This axis is ultimate access.

Uhu Mau! Uhu Mau! Uhu Mau!*


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