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The Impossibility of Language of Construction

From Simultaneous: Seripop & Sonnenzimmer at Columbia College, Chicago, February 12–April 11, 2015, curated by Julia V. Hendrickson

Simultaneous: Seripop and Sonnenzimmer was the end result of a year-and-a-half-long trans-national creative and logistical endeavor initiated by Sonnenzimmer and made possible by the unrelenting collaboration and support of Columbia College Chicago’s Center for Book and Paper Arts, curator Julia V. Hendrickson, the Illinois Arts Council,  the Québec Government Office in Chicago, and of course Seripop’s Yannick Desranleau and Chloe Lum. Since opening our studio in 2006, cultural production has sat in the front and center of our practice. Whether through the lens of design or our own personal artwork, it has remained crucial for our growth to take an inclusive approach to art making. Seripop’s work continues to be an inspiration, just as it was eight years ago, when we shared the common medium of the poster. Strangely enough, our paths have diverged, yet remained parallel; for Seripop, through greater institutional exposure and material exploration, and for us, through our own brand of cultural corralling and an expansion of form. Having the opportunity to not only initiate, but sculpt this exhibit has proven to be a new milestone in our short career. As our palette grows, we hope to continue to plant the flag of independent culture as a sign posts for those artists who perhaps land in between, or sit in, two worlds simultaneously. We hope that this piece The Impossibility of Language of Construction will contribute to that

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