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Honolulu Printmakers 87th Annual Exhibition

Honolulu Museum of Art, Honolulu Museum of Art School , February 26 – March 20, 2015, Invitation by Duncan Dempster

In the dead of winter in 2015, we had the once in a lifetime opportunity to travel to one of the most remote metripols on the planet to jury an exhibition, give a lecture, and lead a workshop for the oldest printmaking organization in America, the Honolulu Printmakers. It’s hard to condense such a rich experience to a paragraph. The small green islands that make up Hawai’i have a fascinating history—swaying between independence and occupation, between East and West. Yet, this friction has bred the strongest (and friendliest) printmaking community we’ve ever encountered. Over the course of our 10 day trip, we met throngs of printmakers, engaged directly with their work jurying the 87th Annual Honolulu Printmakers Exhibition, shared our story as a collaborative, and experimented alongside a group of forward thinking printmakers in a screen-printed “paper speaker” workshop and exhibit. The trip left us feeling the exact size of our hearts and continues to inspire us today.

Available Work:

Poster: Honolulu Printmakers 87th Annual Exhibition

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