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Serve Light Make Sound 2016

Vebikus Kunsthalle, Schaffhausen, Switzerland, August 20, 2016

Serve Light Make Sound is our ongoing audio/visual collaboration with Zürich-based graphic designer and musician, Ronny Hunger. The group merges improvisation and sculpture as a means of collective shape finding. In August of 2016, we had the opportunity to exhibit and perform at Vebikus Kunsthalle in Schaffhausen, Switzerland. The installation and performance centered around a large sculpture placed in the kunsthalle's entrance. Referencing backlit graphic signage common in the United States, the dimensional work quietly beamed it's cryptic message "erehwoN si noitacoL laedI ehT" against the gallery wall. Using mirrored foil paper, the sculptures message was revealed to the curious onlooker to read "The Ideal Location is Nowhere". The koan-like message pointed to the ephemerality of place, desire for perfection, and the fleeting nature of the now. We then filled that charged gap with very loud music. The installation and performance were commemorated in a limited edition artist book also titled The Ideal Location is Nowhere. The book is no longer available. The sculpture has been disassembled. The only thing left is the gap between the message and it's reflection. 

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