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2017 Chicago Printers Guild Publishers Fair

2017 Chicago Printers Guild Publishers Fair

The 2nd Chicago Printers Guild Publishers Fair took place in November of 2017 and attracted over 500 people to discover, hear, see, and read about print making! Over 30 artists presented their work to the public. We volunteered to help organize this event for CPG. Troy Lehman lead design on the marketing materials for the fair. Collaborating with Troy on the poster was a personal highlight of our year. We kicked off the entire project by hunkering down at the studio for two days — improvising this poster. Troy unfolded the entire campaign from there. Hands down this is our top 5 collab we've ever done! You can see it, how it just flowed. While some of the elements were generated digitally, the poster was composed far away from the computer platform.

  • Specs

    By: Troy Lehman & Sonnenzimmer

    Date: 2017

    Media: 6-color screen print
    Size: 18 x 24 inches

    Edition: 103, signed and numbered

    Client: Chicago Printers Guild

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