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Yonder Me

Yonder Me

Yonder Me by Nadine Nakanishi is a quiet exploration of identity. It's a journey spun across text, drawings, and photographs that documents a process of reflexive discovery. In it, Nadine lays bare the tensions between self-perception and self-creation, as she processes her tri-cultural, bi-racial, and singular self. 

Beautifully marrying abstraction and documentation, this book follows her previous titles Formal Additive Programs and Field Integration, and is a natural extension of their inquisitive, process-based nature. However, in Yonder Me, Nadine inverts her sometimes didactic sensibilities to create an open-ended song we can all hum along to. A tune for anyone who has ever felt othered or misconstrued. A rhythm we've all felt tugging at our chest and a drawing we all get to finish. Calling all Yonderers.

  • Specs

    By: Nadine Nakanishi
    Media: 40 pp. self-cover, red spiral bound, laser printed book with keychain viewfinder
    Date: 2024
    Edition: 50, signed and numbered
    Size: 6 x 9 inches
    Catalog number: SZ043 

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