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Plane Shapes

Facebook Headquarters, Menlo Park, CA, Curated by Kristen Farr, Permanent Installation

Plane Shapes is a very small sight-specific art installation in the heart of a giant “social media” company. In early 2017, we took part in Facebook’s ongoing artist in residence program at their Menlo Park, CA headquarters. The entire campus is full of top notch art from some of our favorite artists like Barry McGee, Swoon, Maya Hayuk, and Chris Johannson, as well as tons of homebrewed posters and messaging from Facebook employees. For our installation, we wanted to find a secluded space to, not only frame the impression of our work, but to create a intimate zone amidst a hectic environment. Situated near an elevator enclave on the second floor of building 16, we incorporated two months worth of experimentation with vacuum forming, woodblock printing, and laser cutting into a condensed installation. This work is a direct extension of the our publication Graphic Arts Future: Corporeal Knowledge, which was produced alongside the installation.

Available Works:

Publication: Graphic Art Future: Corporeal Knowledge

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